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Random Drug Testing 

One of the most effective methods available to companies for discouraging drug and alcohol use at work is having a random drug test policy. Employees are subjected to a random drug test by their employers to ensure conformance with the company policy. Usually, a computer software or an external third-party administrator chooses these workers.

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Panel Urine Drug Screens 

Drug panel testing enables us to design personalized drug screenings based on your specific requirements. It also enables us to successfully identify and group some of the most popular drug kinds, providing us with a precise understanding of the particular substances a person has used or consumed. This includes 5, 9, or 10 panel drug screens. 

Oral Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drugs can be detected in the body using a spit sample in an oral drug test. This test is also known as an oral drug test or a buccal swab test. One of the easiest and least invasive screening techniques for finding drugs & alcohol in someone's system is a mouth swab test. It is frequently used for substance checking at work or during the hiring process. However, drug recovery groups can also use it. The outcomes are equally precise to pee exams. However, because only oral fluid samples are taken, the procedures are less intrusive.

Image by CDC
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