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Organizing Test Tubes

Blood Collection Services 

We can provide you with custom wellness packages and complete blood panels through the VEPS Uninsured Patient Program, allowing you to monitor your wellness and be proactive in the prevention and early detection of disease. Our program can help you identify risk factors for illness or adverse conditions, which can help you target lifestyle changes. Some diseases or conditions grow slowly and have no symptoms. Laboratory testing may assist you in detecting these severe conditions early. In general, the sooner a medical condition is detected and diagnosed, the better the odds of treatment success.

Preparation for Blood Test

Men's Health 

Men are 32% less likely than women to visit a doctor for health-related problems. This low percentage indicates that there is a high likelihood that diseases will go undetected and/or undiagnosed. At VEPS, we believe that avoidance is preferable to treatment. To ensure early diagnosis, we can offer you some of the most prevalent tests to aid in early detection.

Blood Test

Woman's Health 

Most woman find out about health issues at their annual check-ups. We at VEPS understand the many obligations that most woman lead from family life to work. That's why we offer Wellness Womans Screenings to help assist in making sure you are healthly and strong. Order your test panel today!

Petri Dish

STD Testing

Every year, approximately 374 million new STD infections are recorded. With VEPS STD Screening, you can stay secure and safe. Early discovery of STDs can aid in the prevention of their spread. Get tested today!

Where you are at home or at work, we can come straight to you, collect your lab samples, and drop them your preferred lab! No more waiting all

day at the lab to get blood work done.

The process is simple:

1) Book an Appointment

2) One of our Certified Phlebotomist arrive at your location and collect your samples. Once collected they drop off at lab.

3) Lab results are sent directly to the ordering Physician.

VEPS comes to you and draws your labs for Labcorp and Quest. Our pricing is super affordable! We charge $30 per visit.  Once testing is completed, you receive your results and your laboratory bills your insurance for testing just like normal.

Blood Pressure Check

On-Site  Collections

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